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Date de publication du document : 00/02/2006
Date de saisie : 28/04/2006
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From Science and Society to Science in Society - Towards a framework for cooperative research
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The present innovative ‘Gover’Science’ Seminar itself offers an example of just this kind of process. Drawing on a wide diversity of freely-expressed viewpoints, the present report and executive summary has been produced by an independent Rapporteur, with the aim of highlighting the main lessons that can be drawn from the Seminar discussions for policy making and further research. The main body of the report synthesizes the key themes in the Seminar discussion, in three principal sections : • Section One examines the background to science governance activities in Europe. • Section Two looks at the strengths and weaknesses of emerging developments – including areas of agreement and disagreement in discussion at the Seminar and the identification of key current challenges for policy making. • Section Three looks to the future: drawing lessons, identifying opportunities and pointing towards this new paradigm of ‘co-operative research’. The whole account is closely cross-referenced to a series

Type de document : Rapport
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Mots clés : science et société ; gouvernance ; recherche coopérative
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Report of a European Commission Workshop - Governance and Scientific Advice Unit of DG RTD, Directorate C2 - Directorate General Research and Technology Development, Brussels - 24th – 25th November 2005.